Canada to Send 32 Tons of Security Assistance for Ukrainian Troops


Canada is sending a plane with equipment for Ukrainian border guards in the anti-terrorist operation area.

The Prime Minister's official website states that "Since the onset of the crisis,Canada has stood proudly alongside the people of Ukraine and takenimportant steps to support the country, including imposingsanctions against those responsible for the growing conflict. OnAugust 7, 2014, in response to Ukraine's request for non-kinetic(non-lethal) security assistance, Prime Minister Stephen Harperannounced that a Canadian CC-130J Hercules will take off on August7, in the first of a series of flights, from Canadian Forces BaseTrenton to deliver important non-kinetic security assistance whichwill help the country secure its eastern border against Russianaggression," Censor.NETreports.

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The statement notes that "Canada's contribution, in theamount of up to $5 million through Canada's Global Peace andSecurity Fund (GPSF), includes a range of targeted protection,medical and logistical equipment, such as helmets, ballisticeyewear, protective vests, first aid kits, tents and sleeping bags.The equipment will help strengthen border security in Ukraine byenhancing Ukraine's capacity to detect the illicit movement ofgoods and people.

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In the wake of the European Union's announcement that itis lifting its ban on the sale of military technology and hardwareinto Ukraine, our Government can confirm that there is currently noban in place on the sale of military technology and hardware toUkraine in Canada."

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n297151