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 They Broke Out: Troopers Are Out of the Encirclement. Moving Images from the Front Line. PHOTOS

Volunteer Yurii Biriukov who helps the 79th Mykolaiv separate airmobile brigade, stated that after 3 weeks the Troopers broke out of the blockade.

He wrote about it on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

"My guys broke out. 3 weeks. They did not give up, did not lay down [their weapons]. As it should be in the Airborne. Left all my things behind and rushing to see them," he wrote.

Biriukov also said that there were no casualties after the breakthrough.

In addition, Mykolaiv paratrooper "Call Sign Marshall" wrote that everything is in order and published vey moving pictures from the front. "Everything is alright. It's a pity that all the things burned down!" he wrote.

The 79th Mykolaiv separate airmobile brigade being blocked has held its positions at Diakove on the border with the Russian Federation for 3 weeks.

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