Russian Mercenaries Deployed Artillery at Boeing Crash Site - NSDC

The terrorists established artillery points and dug a network of trenches at the areas of Boeing crash where the international experts were not allowed.

The NSDC information center states this in the summary for the day, Censor.NET reports.

"It became clear why the terrorists did not allow international experts on the part of the territory of the crash site upon receipt of situation report. The militants arranged their positions there establishing artillery systems and making a network of trenches in these areas," the NSDC says.

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"This means that neither Russia nor its mercenaries were ever interested in objective investigation of the causes of the disaster of the downed airliner," the NSDC considers.

The Security Council informed that a group of international experts, who worked at the crash site was "forced to complete the first phase of the search for the wreckage and the bodies of the dead passengers because of the constant attacks by terrorists"

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"Experts of the working group postponed the investigation for indefinite period. Soon they plan to discuss possible terms of the beginning of the second phase of search. Most of the experts would leave Ukraine prior to the decision to extend the search," the NSDC states.

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