Terrorists Shelled Mospyne Town near Donetsk: There Are Wounded, Damaged Houses, Schools and Train Station

The town of Mospyne, which is an administrative unit of the Proletarskyi district of Donetsk, was shelled by the terrorists’ artillery.

The Donetsk city council press service reports this, Censor.NET informs.

The situation in Donetsk remains extremely tense as of 05.00 pm. The town of Mospyne which is an administrative unit of the Proletarskyi district was shelled. The house #1 on Michurin Street was completely destroyed. The houses #8, 12, 14 on Michurin Street were partially damaged as well as the houses #15 and 15a on Zhovtneva Street. One of the shells fell on the school #137 football field and the blast blew out windows in the educational institution. The building of the railway station was also damaged. Three locals were injured. One of them was taken to hospital with shrapnel wounds.

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In addition, there are reports that the shells exploded in the Kuibyshev district (on Vasnetsov Avenue) and Tekstylshchyk neighborhood of the Kirov district. The information is verified.

Life-supporting systems of the city are operating normally. The situation with power supply has not changed.

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Public transport is moving on urban highways according to the schedules. The movement of buses is limited on the route №42 - they get just to the stop of Ostrovski Street.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n297108