Russia Holds Ukrainian Soldiers Hostages: There Are No Legal Grounds for This - Ministry of Justice

Justice Minister Pavlo Petrenko said that Russia has no legal reasons to hold on its territory the Ukrainian soldiers who were forced to retreat and believes the Ukrainian military are hostages.

He stated this at a press conference, Censor.NET reports citing UNIAN.

Petrenko said that currently the Foreign Ministry is taking all measures to return the Ukrainian soldiers who were forced to retreat to the territory of Russia as a result of the terrorists' shelling.

"I am convinced that our citizens will be on the territory of Ukraine in the nearest future. We believe that our soldiers are hostages there because there are no legal grounds for the Russian Federation to hold them on their territory," the minister said adding that in the case of ineffective diplomatic means a legal tools will be applied.

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"They are, the appeal to the UN committees with a statement that one of the countries is holding the hostages and the turn to the court such as the European Court of Human Rights but those are extreme measures, and I think that this question will be resolved diplomatically, "- he said.

As reported, the 72nd and 79th Brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were actually surrounded and subjected to constant shelling by both the insurgents from the east of Ukraine and the territory of Russia. Total of 449 Ukrainian soldiers who participated in the ATO in the eastern regions crossed the Russian border during August 1 - 4 and then asked for help them to return to Ukraine. Almost all of them have left the territory of Russia on August 4 - 5.

At the same time, NSDC information center speaker Andrii Lysenko reported of the arrest of the five Ukrainian officers in Russia today on August 7. In particular, he noted that the Russian Federation is still forcibly holding 18 servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and 28 border guards.

"The situation report says of criminal cases filed against 18 of our military. Five of them are arrested," he said.

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"The Russian investigators all this time were securing false confessions from Ukrainians that they deliberately shelled the Russian territory," Lysenko said.

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