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 Obama: Russia Sanctions "Are Working as Intended in Putting Enormous Pressure and Strain on the Russian Economy"


President Barack Obama said Wednesday that U.S. sanctions levied against Russia over its actions in Ukraine are working but that Washington would face a much different set of questions about how to respond if Moscow invaded eastern Ukraine.

The president announced it on Wednesday, Censor.NET reports, citing ABCNews.

"Sanctions are working as intended in putting enormous pressure and strain on the Russian economy," Obama said.

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"That's not my estimation. If you look at the markets and you look at estimates in terms of capital flight, if you look at projections for Russian growth, what you're seeing is that the economy has ground to a halt," Obama said.

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"It has presented the choice to President Putin as to whether he is going to try to resolve the issues in eastern Ukraine through diplomacy and peaceful means... or alternatively continue on the course he's on, in which case he's going to be hurting his economy, and hurting his own people over the long term," the President said.

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