German Government Demands Russia Withdraw its Troops from the Ukrainian Border

The German government has urged Russia to withdraw its troops from the border with Ukraine.

This was stated by deputy representative of the Germangovernment Christiane Wirtz on Wednesday in Berlin, Censor.NET reports citing Ukrinform.

"We call on Russiato contribute to the de-escalation and draw back the additionaltroops from the border (with Ukraine)," Wirtzsaid.

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The representativeof the German government pointed to the need to continue a"political dialogue" in order to find solutions to the conflict inthe east of Ukraine, in particular within the framework of theinternational contact group.

Commenting on theRussia's proposal to send a UN humanitarian mission to the east ofUkraine, Wirtz noted that "at the moment there are no legal grounds(for that)."

Also, the Germangovernment called on the Russian government to refrain from takingsteps that could lead to further escalation of the conflict inUkraine, deputy spokesman of the German Foreign Ministry SawsanChebli stated.

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"We demand maximumtransparency and call on Russia to refrain from any steps thatcould lead to further escalation," the diplomatsaid.

According to her,such steps of escalation, in the view of official Berlin, includethe current Russian military exercises and the increasedconcentration of Russian troops at the border withUkraine.

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