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 US State Department: We Are Seeing a Dire Impact on the Russian Economy. President Putin Has a Choice to Make


Sectoral sanctions imposed against Russia by the United States, the European Union and their allies must compel Russia to abandon the current policy towards Ukraine.

Jen Psaki, spokesperson of the US State Department, said aboutit on a daily press briefing, Censor.NET reports, citing theUS Department of State.

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"I think with every week that passes, we're seeing more of a direimpact on the Russian economy. And obviously, President Putin has achoice to make. Does he care about the economy and the middle classpeople and people living in Russia, or does he care aboutcontinuing to take aggressive actions as it relates toUkraine?"

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According to Ms. Psaki, "Our goal here remains continuing to imposecosts to increase the - to impose sanctions to increase the costsand - on Russia and on - and to have an impact on Russia's actions.And obviously, with everything from the amount of nearly $100billion in capital is expected to leave Russia, the impact on theenergy, financial, and defense sectors, they're all feeling pain.And that's, of course, what we are hopeful will have animpact."

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