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 Fighting in Donetsk: Residents Report Powerful Explosions and Active Firing - City Council

There are active hostilities at the Petrovskii district of Donetsk as of 05.00 pm. Residents report of powerful explosions active shooting and damaged infrastructure in the area.

The Donetsk City Council press service reported this to Censor.NET.

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"There is unrest in all other districts of the city - sounds of gunfire and large-caliber weapons shelling are heard from time to time. Over 100 transformer substations were cut of power during the shelling of Petrovskii district at near 02.00 pm leaving most of the district without power supply," the statement says.

It is not yet possible to assess the extent of damage. Ambulance crews and Emergency Service of Ukraine detachments of the Donetsk region moved to the Petrovskii district.

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According to unconfirmed information, there are victims among the civilian population. The information is checked. Armed members of the DPR limited movement of public and private vehicles from Petrovskii Street to the mine number 21.

City Council asks residents of the areas where fighting is taking place not to go out on the streets unless there is an absolute necessity and take refuge in safe places.

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