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 Ukrainian Army Will Need at Least Two to Three Months to Liberate the Donbas - Semenchenko

ATO forces will need at least two to three months for the complete liberation of the Donbas from terrorists.

This was stated by Donbas volunteer battalion commander Semen Semenchenko in an interview with the Focus magazine, Censor.NET reports.

According to him, there are several conditions that need to be fulfilled for the liberation of eastern Ukraine from the terrorists.

"First, clean up the traitors who leak information. Second, replace those that provide poor logistics, meanwhile shouting "Hurrah! " on TV. If the situation remains the same [as now], we will need two or three months to liberate the Donbas," the commander said.

He also noted that the full sweep of Donetsk itself may take about six weeks, and most of the cities taken over by the ATO were simply abandoned by the terrorists.

"Sloviansk, Kramatorsk, Kostiantynivka, Artemivsk. We really took over only Pervomaisk, Lysychansk and Popasna. It does not mean that they panic and run, it is just that they changed the strategy," the Donbas commander noted.

Semenchenko believes that a full out invasion of Russia into Ukraine is not beneficial for Russia itself. The only thing that can it now is "a stream of coffins that will flow from Ukraine to the east."

"The main problem is that a lot of people who fought on the side of the terrorists are now freely enjoying civilian life at home. Take those policemen who had previously collaborated with the terrorists - they are working now as if nothing ever happened," Semenchenko said.

He also noted the large number of Russian saboteurs who are serving officers of the Russian Federation.

Donbas battalion detained about 50 representatives of the Russian Armed Forces.

"They all work in accordance with the same legend. This proves that they are serving Russian officers. Many people also have military tattoos of the Russian Spetsnaz and Airborne divisions," the commander said.

Furthermore, he noted that clear evidence of the presence of Russian saboteurs in the Donbas is the captured Russian weapons, Russian passports, military manuals on subversive activities prepared by the General Staff of the Russian Federation.

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