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 Poroshenko: In the Last Two Months the ATO Zone Was Reduced by Three Quarters

"By their courage, heroism, and valor, and at the expense of their lives, day after day Ukrainian soldiers are liberating the new settlements and territories from the occupation by bandits and mercenaries," the President said.

Censor.NET reports, citingthe pressservice of the Head of State after a President's meeting withthe heads of law enforcement agencies of the state.

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The Head of State stressed that in the last two months of thecounter-terrorist operation its zone has reduced by three quarters."The main result is that millions of people are able to return tonormal life", said Petro Poroshenko.

The President stressed that all the operations on liberation of theoccupied territories are aimed at minimizing casualties amongcivilians and military.

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Speaking about the course of the next wave of mobilization, thePresident stressed the importance of strict compliance of law andresolute struggle against corruption. He drew the attention of theAttorney General and the Head of the Security Service to theexistence of such facts. "I entrust you to consider the proposal tomake military commissars responsible for the quality of themobilized staff. We may introduce the practice when woundedmilitary officers from the front will work on the positions ofmilitary commissars or their deputies, and military commissar willjoin the Armed Forces for 45 days", suggested PetroPoroshenko.

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The Head of State noted that the mobilization will solve the issueof short-term leave for the soldiers who are now involved in thecounter-terrorist operation.

"99.9% of our soldiers are heroically performing their duties",stressed the President.

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