Amvrosiivka and Nearby Positions of Ukrainian Troops Were Fired by Howitzers from Russia

Shelling of the positions of the Ukrainian troops from the territory of Russia continues.

According to Censor.NET,the Information Analytical Center of the National Security andDefense Council reports that yesterday from 10 am for four hoursthe Russian military shelled by artillery and Grad systems theUkrainian border guards near Vasylivka and Amvrosiivkacities.

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The Russian military fired from the positions near the Russianvillage of Marfovka. At 6:00 pm Russians howitzers fired theUkrainian city of Amvrosiivka and the Ukrainian troops andpositions nearby.

From 10 pm for three hours the Ukrainian military unit nearStanystia Luhanska village of the Luhansk region were fired bymortars and artillery from the territory of the Russia. Later, theRussians conducted a chaotic fire into inland Ukraine.

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Also today at midnight the Russian military fired by Gradsystems the position under Ukrainian paratroopers near Avmrosiivka.Two hours later, from the Russian territory the Ukrainian troops atthe checkpoint near Diakove were fired at.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n296753