Luhansk Humanitarian Catastrophe: No Water, Electricity and Cellular Network

As of morning August 5, Luhansk is still without electricity. The city is in critical condition, actually, in a state of humanitarian catastrophe.

According to Censor.NET, this is reported by the press service of the Luhansk city council.

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Since Sunday, residents of Luhansk are without electricity and water, also landline and cellural phone connection is disrupted as well as internet connection. Thus, most of the residents do not have electricity for the past week. D ue to damage of most utility vehicles of the Luhansk Recycling Center garbage collection is completely stopped, so high temperature puts the city actually on the brink of ecological disaster.

Also, due to the extremely tense situation with supply of chlorine to the facilities the LuhanskWater Company, which is located in a zone of armed clashes, the city water supply system provided drinking water incompletely disinfected since July 26. Because of non-stop shelling, utilities workers are unable to maintain even the most essential infrastructure.

One of the main problems today is the lack of electricity. To make possible for professionals to stert working in this direction, it is necessary to purchase and deliver special materials and equipment that impossible due to warfare.

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Today 250 000 peaceful Luhansk civilians, most of them retired and families with children, who have no means to get out of the city and have nowhere to go, become hostages of the situation: people are forced to live in situations of armed clashes. Remaining food disappears from shops and supermarkets that are still working. Shortage of medicines is particularly acute - people can not get the necessary drugs, only a few pharmacies are open.

As of August 4, four city hospitals and three clinics are partially destroyed.

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Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n296742