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 Main Forces of Ukrainian Soldiers from the 72th Brigade Skillfully Got Out of the Blockade - Journalist

The main force of the 72th Mechanized Brigade from the city of Bila-Tserkva successfully broke out from the area of Chervonopartyzansk - the farthest point in the blocked area.

Censor.NET chief editor YuriiButusov wrote about it on Facebook.

Thesituation report of the sector D as of August 4:

1 TheUkrainian troops left the area of Chervonopartyzansk. It was thefarthest point of the blocked area. The main force of the 72ndMechanized Brigade from Bila-Tserkva successfully retreated. Theytook away all the artillery. The surviving tanks led the convoy.Soldiers of other units of the Ukrainian troops moved away withthem. The Russian mercenaries could not offer effectiveresistance.

2. Thebreakthrough was carried by the bravest and the most persistentservicemen headed by an outstanding officer.

3 However,the breakthrough of the enemy's blocking positions is notcompleted. Now our forces are much closer to the position of ourtroops in the area of Marynivka-Stepanivka.

4 Ourtroops are under siege in the area of Dovzhanskyi and in some morestrong points.

5 Ourtroops took Saur-Mohyla but the area around it is not fullycontrolled. The main task - the elimination of Russian mercenaries'observation posts is done however thanks to the 95th Airmobile andthe 51th Mechanized Brigades and our artillery and missilebrigade.

6 Russianartillery shelling continues with impunity.

7 435Ukrainian soldiers moved to Russia in spite of the order of thecommander of the strike group breaking out from Chervonopartyzansk.Unfortunately, the transition into the Russian Federation washeaded by one of the officers. There are more than 200 soldiers ofthe 72nd brigade among the deserters.

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1 Now wehave to redeploy the troops from the ridge at Dovzhanskyi. Alloperational importance of keeping there the troops was lost afterleaving Chervonopartyzansk.

2 Thewithdrawal of troops to the intermediate and poorly equipped inengineering terms front lines contains too much risk and is notrewarding. It is necessary to gather all the forces and breakthrough to our troops positions, where there is a well-establishedsupply. They should return all blocked units immediately. And weneed to strike back.

3. Theresponsibility for the situation lies entirely on the command ofthe General Staff and the ATO, and above all on Victor Muzhenko andthe Ministry of Defense. It is inappropriate now, but later weshall conduct debriefing.

4 Iunderstand a human being of those who defected to Russia, but I cannot justify them - they left their comrades going to break through.It can not be excused.

5 Once Ihave the opportunity I will write about the heroes, who for thesake of honor and patriotism have chosen the most difficult anddangerous way of a breakthrough. I am proud that we have suchcompatriots. Glory to the Heroes!

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