Donbas Guerillas Killed About 30 Mercenaries Already - Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs

Donbas local residents who are not the Ukrainian servicemen strongly continue to resist the insurgents.

Advisor to the Interior Minister of UkraineZorian Shkiriak stated this in the comments to Interfax-Ukraine,Censor.NET reports.

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Shkiriaknoted that militants' behavior causes dissatisfaction among thelocal population. "The internal resistance squads continue tooperate behind enemy's backs. They have already killed about 30mercenaries in Donetsk, Luhansk, and adjacent areas for the pasttwo weeks," he said.

However,the adviser to the head of the Interior Ministry said that thenumber of militants in the Donbas does not exceed 15 thousand andtheir reinforcements from Russia have decreased lately.

"To date,the total amount of the remaining Russian thugs acting in severaldistricts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions can vary between 13 and 15thousand," Shkiriak said.

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Accordingto him, the insurgents of the DPR and LPR continue to receivereinforcements from the territory of the Russian Federationalthough in lesser amounts than previously.

Shkiriakalso recalled that 75% of the territory previously controlled bythe militants is secured from the terrorists for the last month asa result of the successful ATO forces offensive. "They are awarethat the end is near for most of them and the possibility of theirreturning to Russia equals to zero - they will be just destroyed byPutin's anti-retreat detachments on the border. Therefore, thesepeople continue to fiercely resist the ATO forces and commitatrocities against peaceful Ukrainian citizens," Shkiriaksaid.

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