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 Russia Shelled Ukrainian Troops near Chervonopartyzansk by Grad Systems, Mortars and Heavy Artillery – ATO Press Center

Yesterday, August 3, ATO forces on the positions near the border with the Russian Federation in the area of Chervonopartyzansk were under intense bombardment of heavy artillery, mortars, tanks and BM-21 Grad for four hours.

Censor.NET citing the press center of the ATO writes that shelling of our troops was conducted both from the territory of the Russian Federation and from the terrorist controlled areas.

Attempts to provide help (by convoys with ammunition and food) were negated by the Russian Federation.

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Late in the evening it was decided to attempt a breakthrough. One part of the division successfully broke out of the surrounded area. Later they joined forces with the ATO troops sent to help. The remainder of the division provided cover fire for their fellow soldiers and heroically continued the fight to the last bullet.

After running out of ammunition they blew the remains of the damaged armor and retreated to the crossing point with the Russian Federation.

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