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 Ukrainian Army Is Close to Defeating the Terrorists – Minister of Defense Heletei

The Ukrainian troops have made significant progress in the fight against terrorists operating in two regions of eastern Ukraine.

This was stated by Minister of Defense Valerii Heletei,Censor.NET reports citingBBC.

He said thatgovernment forces should take control of the crash site of theMalaysian Boeing. He noted that the clashes between the Ukrainianarmy and the separatists should not affect the work ofinternational experts investigating the crash.

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Heletei statedthat there is a strategy for taking control of the large area wherethe crash site is located. However, he said, the strategy will notbe implemented due to the presence of experts in thearea.

According to theMinister, the Ukrainian army is close to defeating the terrorists.However, he noted that despite the heavy losses of the militants,their number is still around 15,000 people, adding that the newreinforcements arrive from Russia to Ukraine on a regularbasis.

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