EU and US Will Be Forced to Switch to a Large-Scale Military Support of Ukraine – Minister of Interior Avakov

Europe and the United States must and will be forced to move from a policy of detachment in military matters to the full-scale military-technical assistance to Ukraine.

Thisopinion was expressed by head of the Ministry of Internal AffairsArsen Avakov on his Ukrainska Pravda blog,Censor.NETreports.

According to him, atfirst, such a transition can occur "through the supply ofequipment, and then with the assistance of NATO military units.""The matter is very serious indeed - [it is the matter] theconflict in the east of Ukraine escalating into the third worldwar. This is why the diplomats and NATO countries are so cautious,picking out the last chance of common sense from the dried up brainof the Russian dictator," Avakov wrote.

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According to him, Europe"has really no alternative - either stop Putin now or let thingsslide under the pretense of compromise and know for a fact thattomorrow the same thing will be happening [in their countries] asare happening in Ukraine now." "And 'tomorrow' will not befigurative but [it means] in the nearest future. And the relapse istougher," the head of the Interior Ministry noted.

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"Europe and the UnitedStates must and will be forced to move from a policy of detachmentin military matters to the full-scale military-technical assistanceto Ukraine. First, through the supply of equipment, and then withthe assistance of NATO military units," Avakov stated.

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