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 Girkin-Jugend: Russian Terrorists Give Guns to Children and Throw 15-year-olds into Battle. PHOTOS

Russian blogger met "the youngest militia man" in Donetsk. Andrii is only 15 years old, but he already is a training company commander.

This was reported by Nikita Perfiliev on his Livejournal blogkitubijca, Censor.NET informs, referring to Вigmir.net.

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"The hero of our story, Andrii, is only 15 years old, but healready is a training company commander. A week ago, Andrii wasamong the reinforcements during a combat mission, but he did notparticipate in action. Nothing terrible happened then. A bombingstarted, but the guys managed to overcome their fear. As Andriisays, "Only fools are never afraid."

According to Perfiliev, originally Andrii was engaged in amilitary-patriotic club, but his coach entered the Vostokbattalion. When his mentor got accustomed there, he proposed hisapprentices to join him. Andrii's father is also a member of theVostok brigade (the author argues that the militants callthemselves a brigade, not a battalion - Ed.).

Andrii loves football; he is a fan of Shakhtar Donetsk andManchester United. He spends five days a week in the camp, and thenhas only one day off. On this day he has to help the newly-arrivedsoldiers with equipment, shelter, and provision. "Andii has trainedseveral platoons; no one complained so far. It is a greatresponsibility. He gives people the knowledge they would not getanywhere else," Perfiliev writes. Where the 15-year-old boy gotsuch knowledge and experience from, the author does notspecify.

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Andrii is going to come back home only after the victory. His momand nearest relation know where he is. He said he went to help hisgrandmother with the housework to everybody else. As he states: "Weare determined to win. Our enemies will retreat in case of anydanger, while we have nowhere to retreat."


Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p296510