Large Enterprises of the Donbas May Stop Work Because They Are Cut Off from Supply of Raw Materials

Due to damage of the railway infrastructure in eastern Ukraine large enterprises in the region are under threat of stopping their work.

This wasstated by a representative of State Administration of RailwayTransport of Ukraine (Ukrzaliznytsia) Mykola Topchyiev at abriefing in Kiev, UkrainskaPravda reports.

He noted that thisthreat may concern companies such as "Azovstal", Yenakiieve,Alchevsk and Donetsk iron and steel works, Donetsk metal works,Avdiivka coking plant, "Stirokl" concern, "Azot" chemicalenterprise.

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"These companies are cutoff from the supply of raw materials from other regions ofUkraine," Topchyiev said.

Earlier Topchyievreported that the railway industry of Ukraine in 2014 may fallshort by about 3 billion UAH in case the situation in the east ofthe country is not stabilized.

It was reported that dueto the situation in the east, the state budget loses 250 millionhryvnias a month.

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