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 German Newspaper Praised "Wisdom of the Ukrainian Parliament" in Investigation of MN17 Crash: "Separatists Are in a Difficult Situation".

The Ukrainian Parliament has granted the permission for 950 armed soldiers from Australia and the Netherlands to arrive at the crash site of MN17. This will force the separatists to take urgent decision.

Reinhard Veser writes about it in his article on the Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper website, Censor.NET reports citing UNIAN.

The Ukrainian Parliament acted wisely giving consent to send 950 armed soldiers and investigators from Australia and the Netherlands at the Malaysian airliner crash site. Thus, the idea proposed by Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov to send "Russian peacekeepers" to secure the crash site has lost grounds.

The insurgents are in a difficult position. If they do not agree or try to sabotage the mission, it will become clear eventually that they are not interested in clarifying the circumstances.

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The Dutch and Australians were not involved yet in the conflict and the pro-Russian militants and their patrons in Moscow are forced to recognize the primary interest of both countries in the investigation because of the large number of their deceased citizens. But it will become a very difficult task even for the Russian propaganda machine to explain the purpose of a backup group of foreign soldiers in Ukraine. It is good that the bodies of all the dead may be taken away even if many clues have been destroyed.

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