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 Map of the ATO Area: Terrorist Controlled Territory Can Be Cut in Three Parts - Ukrainian Army Continues to Tighten the Ring. PHOTO

After taking control of Novyi Svit village the Ukrainian forces came closer to Donetsk.

On August 1st, as part of the anti-terroristoperation, the Ukrainian soldiers liberated the village of NovyiSvit town, which is located 25 kilometers from Donetsk, Censor.NET reports with reference toUNIAN.

Thus, the ring aroundDonetsk, which is controlled by the terrorists, continues tonarrow. The territory, which is controlled by the DPR and LPRterrorists, can be divided into three isolated parts by the ATOforces.

In particular, thewestern part of the Donbas, including Donetsk, Horlivka andMakiivka, is practically separated from other towns, occupied bythe terrorists. From the north the ATO forces are blocking Luhansk,and nearly severed it from the terrorist-controlled parts of theregion.

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