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 According to Preliminary Data, 10 Soldiers Killed after Shelling in Shakhtarsk (Update)

According to a preliminary data, 14 Ukrainian soldiers were killed as a result of fire from an ambush during the relocation in Shakhtarsk of the Donetsk region.

Press officer of the ATO Oleksii Dmytrashkivskyi told this toInterfax-Ukraine,Censor.NET reports.

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"The information about 21 killed is inaccurate. The number is nowbeing checked. According to a preliminary data, there are 14killed. 10 people are identified, about 4 others, it is stillunclear if they are separatists or ours soldiers," Dmytrashkivskyisaid.

According to him, they are currently negotiating transfer of deadand wounded.

The press officer said that the unit was relocating, when it wasambushed and came under fire. Dmytrashkivskyi also stressed that"the terrorists also suffered heavy losses in the area."

As it was reported earlier, a convoy of Ukrainian paratroopers was ambushed nearShakhtarsk.

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