Russian Federation Military Aircrafts Penetrated the Airspace of Ukraine for Seven Times - Tymchuk

The Russian military aircrafts continue to actively enter the airspace of Ukraine.

Head of the Center for military politicalstudies Dmytro Tymchuk writes about it on his Facebookpage, Censor.NETreports.

"Russian military aviation continues to actively intrudeinto the airspace of Ukraine. At least 7 violations were fixedduring the day. Russian military helicopters entered the airspaceof Ukraine for 4 times and as for Russian combat jets, they did itat least 3 times. The aviation of Russians penetrated Ukraine atlow altitudes flying for 10 to 15 km inside the territory," Tymchuksaid.

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According to him, the following ATO forces positions wereshelled during the last 24 hours:

-Artillery shelling of the positions near Makarove village andmortar shelling of the positions near Chervonopartyzansk werecommitted from the Russian side.

-Ukrainian servicemen positions at the Luhansk airport, Berezove andMarynivka were shelled from MLRS BM-21 Grad.

- Thepositions near Iliinka were shelled by the artillery.

-Mortar shelling of the Ukrainian positions near Marynivka andAvdiivka villages was committed.

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