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 Heavy Fighting in Sector D. 30th Mechanized, 95th and 25th Airmobile Brigades are Trying to Break Through to Rescue the Surrounded Troops - Journalist

Border area should be controlled by artillery and our special forces and it should be mined against Russian Grad systems.

This wasstated by Censor.NET editor-in-chief Yurii Butusov on his Facebookpage.

"There is heavy fightingin sector D. Heroic guys from the 30th Mechanized, 95th and 25thAirborne brigades are making their way to the aid of theirsurrounded comrades. But without an attack by the blocked unitsthis operation simply loses its meaning. Because our troops are notfighting only the terrorists - the main losses are caused by theRussian artillery and Russian special forces. Why sit under fire atthe border? May be the mobile mechanized forces should be withdrawnfrom the checkpoints resupplied with vehicles and used in towns andvillages outside the Russian artillery reach? Snizhne, Shakhtarsk,Torez. This is where it is necessary to use all the force of ourtroops. Russia does not allow us to cut off the border - let's cutnot a strip of land near the border but cut off the border towns -they are communication hubs. And the border area should becontrolled by the artillery and our special forces, it should bemined against Russian Grad systems. Now we can see how the Russiansare fighting from their land but no we cannot answer. And if thereis forefield and they will have to move a little deeper into ourterritory than we can effectively cover them.

I called something uptop and said that I was ready to fly now to the front line, toSaur-Mohyla, which according to the Defense Ministry and theGeneral Staff was taken by our troops, and to provide informationabout the actual situation. It is just three hours of flight on achopper from Kyiv," Butusov wrote.

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