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 Security Service of Ukraine Detained Officer Who Leaked Information about the ATO to Terrorists

On July 29, the Security Service of Ukraine detained a citizen of Ukraine, a senior officer of the National Guard of Ukraine contributing the activities of a terrorist group.

Censor.NET reports, this citing theSecurity Service of Ukraine press center.

"It hasbeen established that during his stay in the area ofthe ATO in the Donetskregion during June-July2014, the detainee cameinto contact with the head of the intelligenceunit (call sign Bonaqua,Pyatnadtsatyi (The Fifteenth), who is currently in Donetsk) of theterrorist group led by the Russian Federation citizen Igor V.Girkin (Strelkov) and passed the militants information about ATOforces command's plans, information on commanders, location,quantity of personnel and weapons of the Dnipro and Dnipro-2Battalions, the location of hidden firing positions of the ArmedForces of Ukraine in the area of Slaviansk and ATO forcescheckpoints. He also informed the militants in advance of thearrival of Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine A. Avakov intothe ATO area on 01.07.2014 for the terrorists to arrange theassault to murder the official. He also provided the information tothe militants on the location and the security system of the ATOHeadquarters in Izium district of the Kharkiv region and proposedthe terrorists to carry out an armed assault on the headquarters,"the Security Service reports.

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According to preliminary estimates of the ATO Staff in theSecurity Service of Ukraine the information submitted to theinsurgents by the traitor falls under Articles 1.1.4., 1.1.5.,1.1.6. and 1.1.7. of the set of bulletins that constitute the statesecret. The investigation of this case continues at the presenttime.

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