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 Kerry Announces a Possible New Truce: Ukrainian Authorities are Ready for Mutual Ceasefire

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry declared readiness of the Ukrainian authorities to introduce mutual ceasefire in eastern Ukraine.

In a joint news conference with Ukrainian Foreign MinisterPavlo Klimkin, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry praised Ukrainianofficials for proposing a peace plan that includes "serious andsubstantive dialogue with the Russian-backedseparatists."

But he said Russianofficials "have not shown a shred of evidence that they really havea legitimate desire to end the conflict." Censor.NET reports citing CNN.

Russian PresidentVladimir Putin "can make a huge difference if he chooses to," Kerrysaid.

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He noted that Russiacontinues to supply weapons, finance and people across the border."We can see it, and there is a clear evidence of this. Now we haveevidence of artillery and rocket fire from Russia to Ukraine. Andwhen the Russians say that they want to de-escalate the conflict,their actions do not show evidence that they really have a desireto put an end to violence and bloodshed, " the Secretary of State,according to UNIAN.

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Kerry noted that as aresult the Russian-backed separatists "refuse to lay down theirarms and become part of the political process… The separatists willcontinue to do so if they do not feel pressure from the side oftheir Russian support," he sais.

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