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 Kerry Does Not Believe that Russia Will Invade Ukraine. It Will Lead to Complete International Isolation

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry believes that Russia will not invade Ukraine, because of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s understanding of possible consequences.

It is reported Censor.NET quoting UNIAN.

He stated this on Tuesday in New York during a press conference held after the meeting with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin, responding to a question what will the United States do if Russia were to invade Ukraine.

"Needless to say, it will not only be a violation of all international laws, but also extremely dangerous actions that will lead to a possible international isolation and possible sanctions. Germany, France and other European countries will no doubt react to it. I believe it for one reason - because it has not happened yet since President Putin understands that the risk is extremely high," said Kerry. Asked about the strategic partnership between Ukraine and the United States, the Secretary of State said that Washington and Kyiv are "partners and strategic allies now."

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"We are working very closely, providing Ukraine with advice, materials, as well as other countries doing the same. We are working to find political keys to be able to provide the political process," he said.

In addition, Kerry confirmed previously stated position regarding the legitimacy of Russia's interests in Ukraine in terms of ethnic, historical, religious ties.

"This is all clear. And what Ukraine wants now is the respect of its sovereignty," the Secretary of State said.

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