17 People Killed Including 3 Children in Horlivka During the Last 24 Hours. 43 Civilians Were Injured

майдан память теракт

The shelling of Horlivka downtown killed 17 people for the past day. There were three children among them. 43 civilians were wounded. They received the necessary medical assistance.

The press service of the Donetsk RegionalState Administration reported to Censor.NET that three days ofmourning were declared in connection with the tragic events in thecity on July 28.

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Manyhouses on the main streets of the city are damaged, some of them bya direct hit of projectiles. Housing organizations along with theresidents eliminate damage, estimate the extent of violations anddetermine the measures of restoration. A number of administrativebuildings are damaged on Lenin Avenue, Pobedy Avenue, RudakovStreet, Komsomolskaya Street and streets adjacent to them. Twoprivate houses burned away in Nikitovskii area and two more in theMaiskii residential neighborhood. The direct projectile hitdestroyed the top floor of the school № 85 on Rudakov Street. Theeducational process of the school will be transferred to otherschools of the city. Some shells fell on the territory of the cityhospital number 2 inflicting damage to the buildings of maternityward, hospital, catering department, braking windows in severalhospital buildings.

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Theappropriate city services are working to repair the damage. Thetraction substation is also damaged making the electric publictransport unable to work. 75 transformer substations are out oforder denying the villages of Shyroka Balka, Bayrak and partiallyNikitovka as well as mines of Kocheharka, mines 6 and 7 of power.Repairing brigades continue restoration activities. A number ofenterprises in the city including Stirol suspended their work.Kindergartens also suspended their work.

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Horlivkabakery production moved to Yenakieve. All contracts concludedearlier with shops for the supply of bread will be fulfilled.Entrepreneurs engaged in pickup of bakery will receive the bread inthe normal mode in Yenakieve. The residential neighborhoods ofStroitel, Solnechnyi and 245 quarter will be provided by bakeryproducts from Dzerzhinsk. A number of shops do not work on LeninAvenue and in Solnechnyi residential neighborhood due to the lackof electricity.

Accordingto Horlivka City Council

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