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 Tough Situation in the ATO Area: Terrorists Are Carring Out Counterattacks and Waiting for Reinforcement from Russia

The situation in the ATO area remains difficult. After Ukrainian forces liberated a number of districts, the terrorists have launched several counterattacks to retake lost ground. The most harsh counterattacks of the militants are in the area of Savur-Mohyla, earlier taken by the Ukrainian troops.

Head of the Center for Military and Political Studies andrepresentative of the Information Resistance group Dmytro Tymchukwrites it on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

In particular, he writes that the Ukrainian forces detected anactive preparation for defence near cities of Pervomaisk, Alchevsk,and Stakhanov: "Here strongholds are made, equipment and armamentare coming, and forced "mobilization" of the locals isconducted."

In addition, there are attempts of the leadership of terroristgroups to get help from Russia not only from the Russian DefenseMinistry and the intelligence agencies, but also fromnon-governmental groups. In particular, the leaders of theterrorist organization "LPR" are waiting the arrival of theso-called "Great Don Army" from Russia.

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"A significant number of militants from the local population ispreparing to leave the territory of Ukraine. Near Perevalsk city​​Ukrainian forces detected a column with the terrorists and theirfamily members who are preparing to leave for Russia. NearSverdlovsk they also noted that the terrorists form columns ofarmed, which, according to intelligence reports, will be sent tostrengthen militants in Snizhne (Donetsk region) and Rovenky(Luhansk region)," Tymchuk says.

He also notes that the terrorists are constantly shelling positionsof the ATO forces using MRLS, mortars and 155-mm guns. Firingpositions of the terrorists were detected near Snizhne, Shakhtarsk,and Torez.

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"In the liberated territories sabotage and reconnaissanceactivities of militant groups continue. In the liberated cities andvillages a significant number of terrorists remains under the guiseof civilians (particularly difficult situation is in Dzerzhynsk).Also there are significant stockpiles of weapons and ammunition.Ukrainian troops do everything possible to identify and detainmilitants," Tymchuk said.

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