Since mid-April, 717 People Have Been Abducted by Armed Groups in Eastern Ukraine - UN Report


According to the Ukrainian government, since mid-April, 717 people have been abducted by armed groups in eastern Ukraine. 437 people were released, the whereabouts of 375 people remains unknown.

"These included: 46 journalists, 112 police officers, 26 representatives of the OSCE, 22 deputies, members of political parties and heads of district (town) councils, 5 employees of the prosecution office, 2 lawyers, 2 judges, 1 employee of the penitentiary service and 481 other people (including 392 girls and women). The armed groups also detained 91 servicemen and border guards as well as 4 Security Service officers," says a new report issued today by the Office of United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

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In discussions with the HRMMU following their release, many detainees who were held by armed groups report beatings, ill-treatment, sleep deprivation and very poor conditions while in detention, and forced labour, including digging trenches on the front lines. As an "alternative" to torture and ill-treatment, it was suggested that detainees join the ranks of those fighting for the armed groups. Some, allegedly, are forced to participate in the abduction of other people.

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