45th Regiment of Russian Airborne Special Forces Fights on the Side of the Terrorists in Ukraine


Many relatives and friends of this regiment soldiers think that the regiment is now at the field output performing training missions. But it is not. In fact, personnel of the regiment take an active part in the hostilities in eastern Ukraine on the side of gangs at the moment, contributing to the spread of terrorism in eastern Ukraine.

ATO presscenter reports this, Censor.NET informs

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"45thregiment of airborne special forces of the Russian Federation isRussian special forces elite. The regiment already lost many of itswell-trained fighters. The Ministry of Defense Administration andthe General Staff of Armed Forces of the Russian Federation takesgreat pains to hide the involvement of Russian troops including theabovementioned regiment to the latest events in the Donbas.Therefore bodies of deceased servicemen are secretly transportedfrom the territory of Ukraine and "stored" in the alreadyoverfilled morgues of the cities in the Rostov region withoutnotifying relatives," the statement says.

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"If thebodies are failed to be moved away they at best are buried in massgraves and at worst are simply sprinkled by soil like some straydogs. Friends and relatives of the commandos live a peacefulignorant life and do not even suspect that their son, brother,husband, boyfriend is no longer alive," the ATO press centersays

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"Russians!Mothers of Russian soldiers! It is time to perceive that people diein the Ukrainian Donbas due to your acquiescence. You should notamuse yourselves with the hope of their soonest return endorsingthe war and sending your near and dear ones into the hells corner.Do not give the General Staff of the Armed forces of the RussianFederation the opportunity to send them to certain death toUkraine," the press center stresses.




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"You should immediately phone your sons, brothers and husbands tobe sure they are safe and sound and are actually in the territoryof Russia! If they are not, take all necessary measures for thereturn of your near and dear ones back home, while they are stillalive! Remember that this call may be the last chance for you tomake sure that the person close to you is still alive," ATO presscenter summarized.

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