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 Heletei Encourage Terrorists to Stop the Catastrophe of a Continental Scale and Defuse the Ammonia Pipe

Ukrainian Defense Minister Valerii Heletei urged representatives of all pro-Russian forces of Horlivka to avoid man-made disaster of a continental scale.

He made an official appealing, Censor.NET informs

"I appealto all members of the pro-Russian forces, who still have a drop ofcommon sense about the situation around the ammonia pipeline andStirol enterprise in Horlivka.

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We areappealing to all men who have any influence on the terroristsmethodically creating a man-made disaster in the heart of theDonbas specifically the dangerous situation created in Horlivka atthe enterprise Stirol and the ammonia pipe.

As itbecame known earlier, a group of terrorists rigged the mentionedcompany with explosives creating a threat to the integrity of theHorlivka-Tolyatti-Odesa ammonia pipe. Thus, a threat to all theliving arise not only in the surrounding areas, but also in thenearest regions having a guaranteed chance to reach the territoryof the Russian Federation in case of this cynical plan will befulfilled.

We appealto all forces, which still remain a drop of common sense and anypossible influence on the situation to avoid the tragedy ofcontinental-scale. A corridor for engineer units of the ArmedForces of Ukraine to enter the mined objects for their clearanceshould be immediately provided to prevent a global man-madedisaster."

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