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 German Politicians and Businessmen Urge to Reduce the Supply of Russian Gas

Deputy Chairman of the ruling CDU/CSU faction in the German Bundestag Michael Fuchs takes a stand in favor of reduction of Russian gas supplies to Germany.

Censor.NET reports this citing Deutsche Welle.

This would be the most severe and effective sanction against Moscow, according to Fuchs. Fuchs said that it means turning to other sources of gas, including liquefied gas. The U.S. previously promised to open opportunities for its export to Europe.

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The MP emphasized that he in general advocates further and sharper punitive measures against Russia. Fuchs said, answering the question about potential threat of economic war between the West and Russia: "I hope there would not be such a war," and expressed the belief that Russia shall "return to sanity" again one day.

It is known that the German companies whose businesses are largely associated with Russia recently advocated a moderate course in relations with Moscow. The Eastern committee of German economy, which brings together the enterprises most interested in cooperation with eastern Europe, sharply warned against tougher sanctions for Russia.

But the mentioned committee has also agreed to tougher the response to the Russia's support for the militants in eastern Ukraine last week.

"If Putin chose this path, we are out of his way," committee chairman Ekhard Cordes said on Thursday, July 24 in the interview with Handelsblatt.

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