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 Maidan Had the Purpose to Harm Russia and "Russian People" - Lavrov

Minister of Foreign affairs of Russia Sergei Lavrov said that Ukrainian Maidan has fulfilled a geopolitical project to do the interests of Russia an ill turn.

He stated this at a press conference onMonday, Ukrainian Pravdareports.

"There wasa sort of geopolitical project formed which began to develop on theMaidan late last year. This project was based on far-fetchedpretext when the legitimate president was denied the right to takeadditional time to study the effects of the Association Agreementconclusion with the European Union," the head of the RussianForeign Ministry said

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Accordingto him, Maidan targeted to harm Russia and "Russianpeople".

"Maidanwas gathered. It became clear by analyzing of its development thatit is actually a geopolitical project aimed at mastering theUkrainian geopolitical space to the detriment of Russia'sinterests, to the detriment of the interests of the Russians andRussian-speaking population of Ukraine," Lavrov said.

"They didnot manage to do this immediately and they would not because it'simpossible to impose this kind of things to one side," Lavrov isdetermined.

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Lavrov wasoutraged that there was no dialogue promised personally by PetroPoroshenko and no one of the Western partners "was even trying toencourage the Ukrainian authorities to fulfill their promises tofirst of all start a national dialogue regarding the public opinionof the State where all these people, all these regions will be ableto live in peace and stability."

RussianForeign Minister suggested that some politicians impose sanctionsagainst Russia feeling their inability to "make the Ukrainianleadership to fulfill the agreements."

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