Russian Militants: Ukrainian Troops Destroyed our Sabotage Group near Snizhne. Over 10 Separatists Killed, More Than 20 Wounded


Terrorists of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic claim over 10 people were killed and over 20 wounded in the fights near Snizhne.

One of the DPR soldiers reported it in his blog on Saturday,Censor.NET informs referringto News.mail.ru.

Intensive clashes continue near Snizhne town in the Donetsk region,where a large group of Ukrainian military has been situated forseveral weeks.

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According to one of the terrorists, a DPR Intelligence Group gotambushed. "We actually lost one of the best offensive groups whichdistinguished itself already in Sloviansk and performed complextasks in different spots around Donetsk," he said.

As he reported, the ambush resulted in "up to ten dead and 20wounded." There are likely more victims since people were taken tovarious hospitals and it is not possible to locate everybody sofar. "We also lost two officers- one with a severe concussion, andthe second one was seriously injured, but his location is unknown,"the militant concluded.

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