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 Situation in the Sector D: There are any Panic at the Front Line, the Command is Confident. Reinforcements Urgently Needed - Journalist

The situation in the sector D on the border with Russia is complicated. It was impossible to create a corridor but our soldiers are hanging in. Nobody gives up. There is no panic at the forefront. Brigade Commander Andrii Hrishchenko constantly controls the fight.

Censor.NET chief editor Yurii Butusov wrote about it on Facebook.

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"Speaking of the situation in the sector D on the border with Russia:

The situation is complicated. It is still impossible to create the corridor but our soldiers are hanging in. Nobody gives up. There is no panic at the forefront and the command of all squads is confident. I was at the 72nd Brigade command post the day before yesterday. They are also under shelling. But nobody forsakes the subordinates; the Brigade Commander continuously controls the fight. They are doing their best. Groups of heroes try to penetrate the encirclement every day to help their blocked comrades. There are losses among those trying to break through to the blocked platoons every day. But no one is going to abandon the border. Commanders at checkpoints briefly and without emotion report on vehicles, ammunition and food left. They also report on the daily shelling and attacks. The most damage is inflicted by the attacks and shelling conducted by Russian troops. I witnessed the repulsing of the attack in Marinka with the support of the brigade artillery. Nobody asks or begs for help. The're just performing their duty. The problem is that they should hold a wide frontline having too little men. The command of the sector D requires urgent strengthening by concentrating of one mechanized brigade intact reinforced by MLRS Smerch team with long-range precise missiles, engineer units, and long-range 152 mm self-propelled howitzers. The support of electronic intelligence and artillery reconnaissance units with Zoopark and Rys stations is needed. Combat units also need reinforcements. Unfortunately, the forces for lifting the blockade are gathered unacceptably slow and there are no enough troops for breach, " Butusov wrote.

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