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 EU Officially Imposed Sanctions Against Another 15 Government Officials and 18 Companies Because of the Situation in Ukraine

The European Union imposed sanctions against 15 individuals and 18 entities because of the situation in Ukraine.

The Council of Europe press service statesthis, Censor.NET informsciting Interfax-Ukraine.

"Accordingto the European Council request on July 16 and by the order of theEU Foreign Affairs Council of July 22 the Council adopted adecision on strengthening the EU sanctions in connection with theUkrainian situation on Friday, according to a communiqué issued inBrussels," the statement says.

The EUCouncil has added 15 individuals and 18 entities responsible forthe actions that undermine the territorial integrity of Ukraine tothe sanctions list, the document says.

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Thedecision gives legal power to the agreements reached at the meetingof the Committee of Permanent Representatives of the EU, thecommuniqué states.

Freezingof assets in banks in the EU and the EU visas ban will be appliedto the individuals and organizations added to the list.

Thus, nowthere are 87 individuals and 20 entities in the list which aresubject to these restrictive measures specified in thecommuniqué.

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The EUCouncil also expanded the criteria envisaged by the law for theapplication of restrictive measures. This allows them to freeze theassets and ban visas to EU in regard of individuals andorganizations that actively support Russian leaders responsible forthe annexation of Crimea or destabilization in eastern Ukraine orthose who benefit from these leaders.

"Thesanctions will come into effect upon their publication in theOfficial Journal of the EU. This would happen during Friday.Today's decision was made as a result of a written procedure," thecommuniqué states.

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