US Ambassador to Ukraine: After the Crash of the Boeing 777, the Kremlin Continues to Send Weapons to the Separatists

The Ambassador noted that a week after the MH17 crash Russia continues to destabilize the situation, delivering military equipment across the border.

U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt, Censor.NET reports,citing LigaBusinessInform.

"A week passed after the terrible disaster. It is necessary to takesome political solution regarding this matter. But rather thantaking a political decision on this issue, the Kremlin, on thecontrary, obsessively escalates the conflict through the supply ofmilitary equipment and weapons across the border with Ukraine.Yesterday we talked about the disturbing events such as shelling ofthe sovereign Ukrainian territory. Russia's military divisionsfired objects Ukraine ... Russia mobilizes more and more militaryforces and equipment, which means a further escalation of thecrisis," he said.

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Pyatt said the United States is carrying outreconnaissance and intelligence-gathering operation. "Russianspecial forces are working here. Interestingly, Russian citizenswho allegedly lead the so-called people's republics - they havebeen constantly in contact with citizens and authorities of theRussian Federation. The situation is clear enough ... When it comesto intelligence, we can not talk about it extensively. But I thinkif your eyes are open, then can understand and see for yourself," -the Ambassador said.

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