Voronezh Court Left Kidnapped Ukrainian Pilot Savchenko in Custody

Voronezh Regional Court dismissed the appeal and upheld the detention of Ukrainian Pilot Nadiia Savchenko until August 30, 2014, refusing to release her on bail of 500 thousand rubles.

The decision was announced by the judge, Censor.NET reports citing UNIAN.

During the session Savchenko's lawyers Mark Feigin and Nikolay Polozov declared the illegality of her detention. In particular, it was stated that the court case uses wording that "the crime" had been committed in the territory of the Luhansk People's Republic, which is a terrorist organization and is not a subject of international law. According to Feigin, Russian authorities should refer to the Ukrainian colleagues to assist in the investigation of this case.

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Also, in his opinion, the court did not give due attention to the apparent lack of evidence of Savchenko's alleged involvement in the death of Russian journalists.

In particular, the use of the testimony of the unknown listed only as "Taras", that is anonymous testimony, although this does not imply that Savchenko has anything to do with mortar fire, and a number of witnesses have not seen Savchenko on that day and do not provide any information.

"There is no clear evidence of Savchenko's guilt" he said, adding that, under the Russian law, detainment is only possible only if there is specific evidence of a crime. In addition, lawyer Polozov stressed that since June 30 Savchenko has been forcibly and illegally held in Russia and was illegally transported there from the territory of Ukraine, interrogated without a lawyer, without an interpreter and access of Ukrainian consular but with the use of the polygraph.

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Polozov asked the court to release Savchenko on bail of 500 thousand rubles and under the guarantees of Ukrainian Embassy. Savchenko herself stated that the Russian secret services illegally took her to the Russian Federation and to be just should return her to Ukraine, and she, if necessary, will be back for trial.

"I would like to wish the Russian court to be truly just," Savchenko said.

The prosecutors spoke strongly against Savchenko's release from custody because allegedly she could escape and pressure the witnesses and victims, though the victims are dead Russian journalists Anton Voloshin and Igor Korneliuk.

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