Fighting in Donetsk Continued Through the Night. There Are Casualties

Donetsk did not sleep last night. Residents of all districts reported sounds of explosions and salvo. Active fighting went on in the vicinity of the airport.

According to Censor.NET, citing the press service of the Donetsk city council, during the shelling one man died of shrapnel wounds at 73 Chekhoslovatska Street.

In the same area two young women suffered severe shrapnel wounds.

Shells also damaged an apartment house on the 98 Mistobudivnykiv Street. A fire broke out and it was localized by the fire brigade. The tenants' personal belongings were damaged but there were no casualties. The shock wave shattered windows of the nearby houses.

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The Kirov district also came under fire. The shell hit a production building at 82b Slepneva str, resulting in a fire. The fire was extinguished, there were no casualties. In addition, residents of some houses in the Semashko district reported damaged windows in their apartments.

As at 9:00 the fighting ceased. The utility companies are operating in a regular mode, public transportation is on-line.

Works to restore electricity continue. In the Petrovskyi district 12 of 44 damaged substations are operating, in the Kuibyshev district 24 transformer substations remain without electricity.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n295293