Australia Has Sent Police to Ukraine to Secure Boeing 777 Crash Site

Prime minister of Australia has sent 50 police officers to London and is prepared to send them to Ukraine.

Censor.NET reports about it, citing The Guardian.

Fifty Australian federal police have been deployed to London, ready to go into Ukraine if agreement is secured to send in an international team to secure the crash site for the investigation of flight MH17.

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Tony Abbott spoke to the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and the Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenko, about the decision to deploy police for a multinational force to Ukraine.

The prime minister said he wanted to deploy a team to Ukraine "as quickly as possible" but the details of the multinational force - including whether they would be armed - were still being worked out.

"Obviously I would be very careful about putting any Australian personnel seriously into harm's way without any protection, but given a reasonably permissive environment which seems to have developed over the last few days, given that Organisation for Security Cooperation in Europe [OSCE] officials have been allowed to visit the site, it seems unmolested, in the last few days, I am optimistic these police could be allowed on site," he said.

Abbott said he recognised the authority of the Ukraine government over Ukrainian territory and the authority of the Australian-sponsored resolution 2166 from the UN security council supporting a full investigation of the crash site.

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