SU-25 Pilots Survived and Were Not Captured by Militants - NSDC

The Security Council counts on receiving detailed information of the events after the return of the pilots to their units.

The pilots who ejected from the downed Su-25 fighter jets survived and are not imprisoned. This was stated by NSDC speaker Andrii Lysenko, transmits Censor.NET reports with reference to LigaBiznesInform.

When asked whether this means that they are back in their respective units, Lysenko said: "As soon as they return you'll know about it."

According to him, the National Security Council expects to receive more information from the pilots as to how they were shot down. One version is that the missiles were fired from the territory of Russia.

Earlier, near the village of Dmitrovka four Su-25s provided fire support to units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. After the assignment the terrorists fired anti-aircraft missiles at them. Despite the anti-missile maneuvers and shooting heat flares, two aircraft were shot down. The pilots ejected.

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