President Putin Is Responsible for the Shot Down of the Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines

US State Department believes that Russian separatists who fired at the Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines were acting with support of Russia.

Deputy Spokesperson of the US State Department Marie Harf said this at a d aily press briefing, Censor.NET reports, citing the US Department of State.

"The Russian separatists who fired this, in general, could not be doing what they're doing without the Russians. And responsibility lays at the feet of President Putin, not just for this but for every incident that we have seen throughout this conflict, period," Ms. Harf stressed.

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The kind of missile that took down this plane we are very confident is an SA-11, we are very confident it was fired from Russian-controlled territory. We are very confident that the two alternate stories the Russians put forward aren't plausible.

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