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 Bes Terrorist Group Blows up Bridges in Horlivka to Slow the Advance of the Ukrainian Army

The militants from the group of Igor Bezler (Bes) destroyed the recently renovated bridge on Borys Makukha street in Horlivka connecting Kalininskyi and Mykytivskyi districts. Before the explosion, the DPR militants were transfered to Horlivka from the village of Holmivskyi where they had been operating their HQ in a special school.

Eyewitnesses also report that near the village Rumiantsevo the traffic has been blocked, gunshots are heard and the mobile networks are down, Censor.NET reports citing Gorlovka.ua.

The bridge to Mykytivka train station was blown up to slow the advance of the Ukrainian army, already settled in Maiorsk and advancing into the city. At that eyewitnesses report that the road bridge is not completely destroyed but sank and that light transport can drive on it.

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Yesterday, following the same pattern the militants blew up a road bridge near the knitting factory, where they expected an offensive of the National Guard and the special forces from the direction of Dzerzhynsk.

A few days earlier the terrorists destroyed the bridge connecting Soniashnyi and Bessarabka neighborhoods, and before that - a bridge between Horlivka and Dzerzhynsk.

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