Russian Oligarchs Lost More Than $16 Billion in Putin's War - BusinessWeek

Vladimir Putin’s pursuit of war in the Ukraine has cost Russian billionaires dearly, a sinkhole that has deepened since the destruction of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 last week.

"Russia's Megarich Are Losing Billions in Putin's War" in BusinessWeek gives this information, Censor.NET reports.

Of the 20 Russians included in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, 14 have lost money this year, led by Alisher Usmanov and Vladimir Lisin, each of whom is down $2.8 billion.

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As a group, the Russians have together lost more than $16 billion, or 7 percent of their total wealth.

American sanctions against Russian businesses-and the possibility of further penalties in the wake of the jet disaster, which killed 298 passengers and crew-have hobbled the country's stock market.

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