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 Most of Detained Militants in Luhansk Are Russian Citizens


Among 18 fighters who are captured after one of the last battles in the Luhansk region by the Operational Command "North", the majority are citizens of Russia - Russians, Chechens and one Ossetian.

Spokesman of the Operational Command "North" Anatolii Proshyn t old about it "Radio Liberty".

Also among the detainees, there are Azerbaijanis and a Serbian citizen, and only a few separatists are Luhansk residents, he said.

According to him, captured militants believed that the Ukrainian soldiers will kill them and were surprised that after questioning and investigation they will be taken to court. After liberation of the cities, the most important task of the Ukrainian army and the National Guard is psychological work with the general public, Anatolii Proshyn said.

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On Monday, when the Ukrainian military liberated city Shchastia from the separatists, there were no people on the streets. Later they explained that that the militants intimidated them with atrocities allegedly committed by the Ukrainian military.

"People who communicate with us change their minds, but it is important to involve them in such communication," Anatolii Proshyn said. Therefore, now groups of psychologists are dispatched in these cities and the military help to distribute aid and assist in establishing normal life of the liberated cities.

Yesterday the Operational Command "North" took part in the liberation of Rubizhne and in intense battles near Lysychansk.

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