Terrorists Prohibited Driving in Luhansk, the City Looks Abandoned

Terrorists prohibited the residents of Luhansk to move by cars through the city.

Journalist of the channel Inter Roman Bochkalawrites about it on Facebook, Censor.NET reports. "That's what alocal resident wrote to me: "There is constant shelling around thecity harassing locals. Everybody sit in hidey holes and do not goout even for bread. Yet, most of the shops are closed and themovement through the city on private transport is prohibited.Luhansk emptied," he quoted. "The LPRwebsite also says of the ban to drive around the city" - addedBochkala. Censor.NETpreviously reported that Kuchma is not happy with regularvideoconferences with Russian terrorists: "They are likeparrots."

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Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/n295104