"We Speak Openly: Main Intelligence Directorate of the Russian General Staff and the Russian FSB Are Behind This" – Ukrainian Security Service Saying About a Downed Boeing-777

SBU collected irrefutable evidence of involvement of the GRU and the FSB to the crash of Malaysian Boeing 777.

The Ukrainian Security Service has collected irrefutable evidence of direct involvement of the Main Intelligence Directorate and the Federal Security Service of Russia to the missile attack of the Malaysian Boeing-777 over the Donbas. Deputy Chairman of the Ukrainian Security Service Victor Yahun stated this on air of Radio Liberty, Censor.NET reports.

"We speak plainly that the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Russian General Staff is behind this directly supervising the process of transmission of heavy weapons to the terrorists, and the Russian Federal Security Service overseeing the transfer of small arms formerly owned by the Ukrainian army from the Crimean territory," Yahun said.

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Commenting on the collaboration with the members of the international investigation of crashed passenger plane in the territory of Ukraine, the Security Service Deputy Chairman said: "We pass them the evidence which we have gained in a lawful manner. We have witnesses as well as photos and videos. We held consultations with foreign partners investigating the terrorist act daily. We are open to the world. We also invited representatives of Russia, but we only have been heard allegations against us so far."

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Yahun also recalled that "the United States published satellite images clearly showing where the missile was launched from, its trajectory, and where exactly the missile met with the plane as well as its crash site." "Up to 90 satellites flies above this place every day and it is impossible to hide something," Yahun said.

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