Merkel Advocated Quickest Imposing of the New Sanctions on Russia: "Russia Has Promised a Lot but Did not Do a Thing"

German Chancellor criticized Moscow and the subordinated terrorists in Donbas for lack of cooperation in the investigation of the crash of the Boeing.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel insisted on the early implementation of the economic sanctions against Russia by the EU, Censor.NET reports citing zn.ua.

The Chancellor considers it necessary to take immediate and appropriate decision because Moscow has not shown any interest in a full-scale investigation of the crash of a Malaysian airliner and stabilization of the situation in the country, deputy government spokesman Georg Shtreiter announced on Wednesday, July 23.

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According to the Chancellor, there are still difficulties in search of the bodies of the deceased passengers and with international experts' access to the crash site. In addition, according to Shtreiter, Russia is not making enough deterrent effect on the armed pro-Russian terrorists groups that are often run by the Russian security service officers. So Merkel supports the decision of foreign ministers of the EU made on the eve concerning the hardening of the attitude to Moscow and expanding sanctions.

The representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Berlin thrust saying: "Russia has promised a lot and did nothing. That's enough," the agency reports.

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